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Friday, January 8, 2016

New message



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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I consider Instagram is actually retarded, however I notice some prospective here...

So through day 1 I are already towards instagram. It's only full of mongs, its not my own thing. I aren't keen on selfies, thinking about any selfie can make my own penis shrink. But searching upon there, a number of our competition appear to be undertaking well. Our vendors do genuinely well. Other people within our niche seem very active... Right currently our own key consumers are aged people, I think instagram might reduce each of our find get older just a little bit, in the end previous individuals people think that I perform about it. So support the instagram noob out, I've authorized up. WTF will be next... How may I routine blogposts similar to I can with twitter/facebook? Can I do all of this off of our PC? How accomplish I acquire the ball rolling by followers... I am a total stage one noob with this, influence us the actual instagram gurus on this forum usually are not retards. Show me your methods from the jedi.



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Check out Celio's photos on Facebook.

Check out Celio's photos on Facebook.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Transnational Art 2012: Entrance Gallery

Transnational Art 2012: Main Gallery

We have uploaded some pictures from the exhibition on our website. Please have a look here:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Performance and Art Talk

pm12:00〜12:30 パフォーマンス: 浜崎 健さん(お茶会)
pm12:40〜12:55 アートトーク :MASAコーポレーション.会長 庄司 恵一 美術家。
pm1:00〜1:15 アートトーク :大阪アーツプランニング. 西野 昌克 美術家。
pm1:20〜1:35 アートトーク : ホルベイン(株) 会長. 吉村氏
pm1:40〜1:45 アーティスト : 石橋 秀美(平面作家)
pm1:50〜1:55 アーティスト : マテオ•ジャケッティ(写真)
pm2:00〜2:05 アーティスト : 藤原 千晶(インスタレーション)
pm2:10〜2:15 アーティスト : 東 學(墨絵師)
pm2:20〜2:30 主催者,結びの言葉

Saturday January 21st Performance and Art Talk schedule:

10:00: Doors open to the exhibition.
12:00: Performance "Red Tea Ceremony" by REDMAN Ken Hamazaki
12:40: Guest speaker Keichi Shouji, Presient of Taigado Gallery, Kyoto.
1:00: Guest speaker Masakatsu Nishino, President of Osaka Arts Planning.
1:20: Guest speaker Nobuo Yoshimura, Chairman of Holbein Art Materials Inc, and Holbein Works Ltd.
1:40: Hidemi Ishibashi (painting)
1:50: Matteo Giachetti (photography)
2:00: Chiaki Fujihara (installation)
2:10: Azuma Gaku (bokuga, painter)
2:20: Celio H. Barreto, Owner/Director of SoHo art gallery.
2:30: Last viewing.
3:00: Exhibition closes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An MBS TV crew visits the exhibition and films it for a special report on the future of art in Osaka.